Call for abstracts

Discussions surrounding new Canadian and Quebec food laws and policies not only focus on the importance of healthy, nutritious and safe food for all Canadians, but also the impact of individual and collective choices in this area on health, environment and the economy. These policies, which are currently being developed, will provide a new framework for Canadians to think about food security and will necessarily underpin important legislative changes. 

In this context, it is most relevant to question the roles that agrifood law can and must play. Also, the 3rd edition of the Conference on Canadian Food Law and Policy, to be held at Laval University between September 25 and 27, 2018, has the main objective of presenting and discussing Canadian law as a source of social innovation, changes in agribusiness and more broadly in food diversity and food security. 

The challenges are many and important: noncommunicable diseases, food fraud the safety of food entering our territory, climate change, food security among indigenous people, etc. Addressing these challenges through policy and law requires creativity, while at the same time we have to deal with the framework of Canadian commitments on the international scene, including liberalization of agricultural and food trade and standardization.

Nevertheless, Canadian agrifood law knows how to innovate and this conference will be an opportunity to see this richness while reflecting on ways to make this law even more relevant to achieving greater diversity and food security for all Canadians in terms of new food policy guidelines.

The Legal Research Chair in Food Diversity and Security and Cain Lamarre are pleased to collaborate to welcome the 3rd edition of the Conference on Canadian Food Law and Policy in Quebec city, from September 25 to 27, 2018. Experts, academics, practitioners and Canadian agrifood stakeholders will meet at Laval University to discuss the topic of innovations in agrifood law.

In this context, we invite practitioners, academics, policy makers, lawyers, students and other innovative thinkers to submit proposals for individual papers which consider agrifood law as an important vector of innovation and social change related to the following themes:

  • Innovations in food safety;
  • Social innovations and social justice for better food security;
  • The challenges and opportunities of national and international agrifood trade (AIT, NAFTA, CETA, WTO);
  • Health and consumer protection;
  • Food advertising to children;
  • Ethics in aboriginal food security and sovereignty research;
  • The challenges posed by the relationships between food and climate change.

Proposals, not exceeding 300 words, must be accompanied by an updated curriculum vitae and submitted before April 16, 2018 by completing the form at the following link: Abstract submission form

The abstracts will be selected by members of the scientific committee of the 3rd edition of the Conference on Canadian Food Law and Policy. Decisions will be communicated to applicants during the week of April 29, 2018. Conference registration fees will be covered by the organization for the speakers whose abstracts have been selected. However, transportation and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the speakers.

For any information request, please contact:

No late or incomplete submissions will be accepted.

The Legal Research Chair in Food Diversity and Security and Cain Lamarre are excited to continue the tradition of excellence of this conference in collaboration with the organizers of previous years and to welcome participants to Quebec City in September.