What is the CAFLP?


The Canadian Association for Food Law and Policy (CAFLP) is a network and community of lawyers, legal academics, law students and others working or studying in the broad field of food law and policy in Canada and abroad. Through conferences, continuing education, the production/sharing of resources and information, scholarship and collaborative research networks, the CAFLP stimulates dialogue, connects practice and the academy and vice versa, supports students, promotes awareness of food law and policy issues and advances the field and practice of food law and policy in Canada and abroad.

What is food law and policy?

Food law and policy refers to the laws, regulations and policies that govern the food and beverages we grow, raise, produce, harvest, process, transport, distribute, import, export, advertise, label, buy, sell, share, donate, cook, eat, drink, waste and dispose of, as well as interconnected issues such as health, workers’ rights, environment, social justice, political/economic/social marginalisation, animal welfare, and democratic participation. 

What principles underpin the CAFLP’s work?

The CAFLP is organized around three core values that shape and orient our work:

1) Knowledge Creation and Diffusion

2) Capacity Building

3) Engagement and Community Building

The CAFLP seeks to build and expand the field and practice of food law and policy in Canada and abroad. To do this we:

  • Host annual conferences, bringing a diverse set of actors together to discuss pressing issues in food law and policy

  • Connect lawyers, academics, students and others in a dynamic community of food law and policy enthusiasts

  • Manage a listserve where members can share informational about food law and policy

  • Create resources on food law and policy, including publishing our Food Law and Policy Blog

  • Connect students from across Canada to build and share resources for students interested in food law and policy

  • Promote food law and policy education in Canadian law schools

  • Engage in collaborative research and scholarship (see for example, the Ottawa Law Review special issue on food law)

What does the CAFLP do?

Who can be a member?

CAFLP membership is open to anyone and everyone interested in food law and policy. While the majority of our members are practicing lawyers, legal academics and law students, we have members engaged in everything from policy work to grassroots advocacy. One of our strengths is the diversity of voices and experiences in our network and community.

You can join by filling out an application here.

How do I join?